Books | Hier erfahren Sie mehr über die bisher verlegten sowie geplanten Publikationen des Squamata Verlags; inklusive ausführlicher Inhaltsangaben und zahlreichen Buchbesprechungen. | The publications of the "Squamata Verlag" including all the book reviews.

Cordyliformes News | Divided into two parts: 1. The best-known and most-complete Bibliography of the Cordyliformes (Reptilia: Sauria: Cordylidae and Gerrhosauridae) with +1400 citations, and 2. The Cordyliformes Archive which provides important systematic and biological data to each genus, species, and subspecies. See the Cordyliformes Library [CordyLibrary]  —  With the regular updates, the Cordyliformes News will be a current source of information for researchers and breeders.

   The Review of the Cordyliformes in the series entitled "Biology of the Reptilia" is now completed

Cordylus cordylus

Bibliography | The Cordyliformes Bibliography is an ever-growing website that catalogs references of anything related to the biology of the two lizard families Cordylidae and Gerrhosauridae (Reptilia: Sauria: Squamata). Currently it contains over 1.450 items, ranging in focus from palaeontology, ecology and general biology through captive breeding. Due to the size of this bibliography, it has been split into several parts, ordered by authors last name. The references have been entered from the “BIBLIOTHECA CORDYLIFORMIUM”, and manually. The bibliography is based on a review of original papers and does not include theses, dissertations and 'gray literature'. Virtually every citation has been checked to ensure accurate and comprehensive coverage of the literature of the Cordyliformes. If you utilize this bibliography for your research and find that it was a useful resource, please acknowledge it in your publications. Please send new and missing references to me. Thank you!

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Cordyliformes Archive | The Cordyliformes Archive is an ever-growing website that catalogs scientific papers and books concerned with the systematic, ecology, biology, behaviour and care of the Cordyliformes species. All references in the archive based on the citations of the Cordyliformes Bibliography and included all of those publications that contain important reference to aspects of cordyliformes herpetology (not included are checklists, papers on generic or family level with no new or important subjects to species, citations which are not in my library; e.g.). I have included any literature citation that thought might be helpful to potentional users attempting to deal with the systematics, biology or keeping of Cordyliformes species of the genera Cordylus, Pseudocordylus, Chamaesaura, Platysaurus (= Cordylidae); Gerrhosaurus, Cordylosaurus, Tetradactylus, Zonosaurus, and Tracheloptychus (= Gerrhosauridae). Now with more than 140 photos, prints, and other materials.

Links | Interessante Links zu Seiten mit herpetologischem Inhalt. Zahlreiche Verweise auf Buchhändler und Antiquariate.

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